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Point Reyes Beaches

Point Reyes beaches are full of wonder. The tides and currents around Point Reyes bring good beachcombing and long, solitary beaches. The views of the coastline are breathtaking. The fall and winter can bring beautiful days to enjoy these favorite Point Reyes destinations.

Point Reyes Beaches
Best Beach Trail
Limantour Beach
Up to 5.4 miles
Best at low tide, great beachcombing, sometimes rare white pelicans
 Point Reyes Beaches Sunnier Beaches
Heart's Desire Beach, Tomales Bay State Park
 Point Reyes Beaches Dramatic Beaches
North Beach
South Beach
Drakes Beach, 2.5 miles
Sculptured Beach, 2.0 miles
 Point Reyes Beaches Tidepooling Beaches
(Best at low tide)
Chimney Rock
Kehoe Beach
McClures Beach
 Point Reyes Beaches Northern Beaches
McClures Beach
Kehoe Beach
Abbotts Lagoon
North Beach
South Beach
Chimney Rock
Drakes Bay
 Point Reyes Beaches Tomales Bay Beaches
(warmer on windy days)
Marshall Beach
Hearts Desire Beach
Shell Beach
 Point Reyes Beaches Southern Beaches
Limantour Beach
Sculptured Beach
Secret Beach
Kelham Beach
Wildcat Beach
Palomarin Beach
 Point Reyes Beaches

Further Information

  • National Park Service
  • Point Reyes National Seashore, A Hiking and Nature Guide, Don and Kay Martin
  • Saving the Marin-Sonoma Coast, L. Martin Griffin, M. D.
  • Abalone Inn, If we can assist you with your Point Reyes and bird watching plans, let us know

Please be cautious of tides and currents. Be prepared for windy or foggy weather, dress in layers. Check the tide tables before walking on any beach. Keep away from eroding cliffs. Follow National Park Service guidlines.

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